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How it Works

1. You have vested equity with a cost basis of at least $500

2. Find 1 to many investment vehicles that you want to participate in (no log in required!)

3. We screen each participant to weed out bad actors

4. We validate the shares of each participant by doing an independent analysis using publicly available information to determine the value of the shares

5. You participate in as many vehicles as you would like, each containing up to 98 other investors, and owning a portion of the pooled assets

6. Whenever any shares in the fund are sold, all participants receive cash

Pool your non-publicly traded shares with others across companies, industry verticals and risk categories

The Problem

On average, only 2 out of 10 companies that offer equity as part of compensation or secure funding from private fundraising will have an event where your equity can be sold. As an employee or private investor a lot of the things that will make or break the company generally are out of your control (think overall market conditions, technological innovations that disrupt your industry, wars or a global pandemic) . The cost of failure is far from negligible for employees or early investors in these startups.

Sundry Funds offers individuals or entities holding equity in 1 to many startups a way to mitigate risk by pooling the equity of up to 99 investors together in each fund. With fund participation minimums starting at just $500 you could turn $10,000 of equity in to investments in to up to 20 different funds comprised of just shy of 2,000 unique stakes in companies. Sundry brings all the players together and takes care of the paperwork so all you have to do is sit back and watch as money comes in for each and every position held by your funds that has an exit.

The Solution

Diversify your holdings and mitigate your risk.

Maximize your returns with access to thousands of private companies.

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